Strong gusty wind

October, 2021

Transceiver TS-530SP

New HF Transceiver Kenwood TS-530SP

December, 2019

V-2000 antenna

Diamond V-2000 (for 50, 145 and 433 MHz)

October, 2019

T2FD short antenna

Diamond WD-330S (for 10 to 28 MHz)

August, 2019
Destroyed by strong gusty wind on October, 2021

Long Wire 16 m

LW 16 m (53 ft) with unun 9:1 (for 3.5 to 21 MHz)

August, 2019

New shack

2017 & 2018


2017 & 2018

New 40 m Low Space vertical antenna installed beside the house

40 m Low Space vertical (for 7 & 10 MHz)

April, 2017
Radial for 10 MHz added on June, 2021

Vertical antenna AVT3 installed on the new mast 9 metres above ground

Eco Antenne AVT3 (for 14, 21 & 28 MHz)

July, 2016
Destroyed by strong gusty wind on October, 2021

Vertical antenna for upper HF bands

Big Gun (my 100 W :-) RIG in shack need new antenna. My 41 meters long wire works well up to 30 meters band, but it's a little bit difficult to tune for full power on higher bands. In addition, radiating for low elevation angles is poor.

My very small garden is now occupied by C-Pole antenna for 10.1 MHz, so i had install my new vertical AVT3 on garden of my parents, which are live nearby.

Several DX QSO's I made first evening after installation and tuning radials. New horizons are opening for me.

August, 2010

Big Gun in Ham Shack :-)

Last seven years I used QRP transmitters only. It was great age of my radio hobby. I learned more patience and attention on bands. I made several DX QSO's also.

But this year I had to say STOP! My friends told me "Live is too short for QRP" very often. They are right! With only 100 W in antenna I feel as a big gun station now :-)

Great experience after long time of low power operation. But, don't afraid about it. I plan to use QRP still, especially on portable QTH.

July, 2010

Vertical 70 cm Yagi antenna for FM

I have the new 6 elements vertical antenna for 70 cm band, made by OK1XTF. Because of bad terrain profile between me and my friends nearby, I need small vertical Yagi antenna for chatting on FM channels and repeaters.

I had measure radiating pattern also in comparison to Discone antenna. I was afraid about small space around antenna on the mast (which can affect it's performance), but it works well.

May, 2010

Reception of Greenland NDB with SSB bandwith

Today I heard NDB beacon from Greenland with callsign OZN on 372 kHz (3680 km far from me). This is the same frequency, where is going local NDB L from Prague airport (18 km away from my QTH).

I heard it during whole 10 minutes (between 20:57 and 21:07 UTC). RX was SONY ICF-SW7600GR and antenna LW 41 metres with ferrite rod preselector.

No CW filter, no DSP, no SDR, no PC. SSB 3 kHz bandwith, headphones and ears only.

December 27, 2009

Over The Iceland with 1 Watt

Different of other CW traffic I heard one day in august 2009 on 10.1 MHz. Middle CW speed, no hurry, gentle attention for each station calling on frequency. I tried call this maritime station with my 1 W and C-pole antenna several times without reaching it, due to low power and pile up on frequency definitely. Every day I tracked position of this ship on web site and I enjoyed this kind and skilful CW traffic repeatedly.

My QSO with this station (actual position was between Iceland and Greenland, distance about 3200 km from me) was successfully done after almost two weeks of my attempts.

Operator of this station is GM0HCQ. Thank you for nice moments spend with radio, Mike.

September 6, 2009

C-Pole Antenna for 10.1 MHz

Many years ago I thought about and looked for any ground independent monoband vertical antenna for DX purposes. This year I found C-Pole antenna, which is suitable for my QTH (low space for building it, poor ground conductivity, no radials possible). It's described by HB9MTN for 20 metres band. I build it for 30 metres band.

It's working quite well, after setting is SWR 1:1.2 or better in middle of the band. Signals coming from this antenna are more then 2S stronger than from 41 metres longwire antenna. DX signals (W, VE, PY) comes also well. I worked with SW30+ (1 W OUT) several EU stations up to 2000 km distance yet, but some QRP DX QSO's waiting for me definitely :-)

This antenna works very well on 10 MHz airband also. I listen very often New York and Gander VOLMET on 10051 kHz with good signal strength and excellent readability.

More photos of my C-Pole antenna for 10.1 MHz are here.

August, 2009

G6 Aviator - new portable radio from Eton

When I saw this very small charming receiver first moment, I loved it at all. One week I resisted tempting of this lovely toy. Then I had a buy it. HF sensitivity and SSB operation are two big advantages of this receiver. Longwave sensitivity is really poor, FM selectivity also. But RX has a VHF airband, not so sensitive, but useful near the airports. With respect to really small dimensions and low cost it is very good toy. Only one feature is really bad. When you call the memory (one of the 700 presets), very often you save the actual frequency to called memory and then you loose it. It depends on time you pushed the button. It happened when you pushed it longer or shorter then approximately half second. It's a pity, so good cheap product spoil this point.

July, 2009

VHF operating room

Because of increasing activity of my family radioclub OK1RKZ (especially my daughter is most active during the last months), I divided my hamshack to three operational sections. 144 MHz operation room is in day room (near to fridge), HF, QRP and scanning workplace is in bedroom (very close to my bed) and soldering and storing place is at garret, in original ham shack. Radios and cables are everywhere you look for extra pleasure of my wife.

October, 2008

VHF and UHF antennas on the roof

I installed two new antennas on chimney holder. Nine elements Yagi DL6WU for 144 MHz and omnidirectional Scanmaster D1300 Discone for HF, VHF and UHF operation on the top of mast. Whole mast is mounted at simple rotator AR-303. Whole installation I made by myself during the last sunny weekend at the end of the summer 2008.

Both antennas are feed via Aircell 7 coaxial cable. It is little bit tight cable for rotating installation, but i made large loop for its minimal torsion. All material supplied by DD AMTEK company.

September, 2008

Oak Callsign in my shack

As you can see at the main page of this website, suffix of my callsign translated from czech to english is the OAK. Oak is a nice tree, which you can meet in our forests, everywhere you look. During a years of using my callsign established oak as personal matter for me. Friends call me "Hi, Oak...", ("Nazdar, DUBe" in czech), e-mails I sign "DUB" very often, sometimes i got oak leaf from my family.

Once I checked any callsigns at QRZ.COM then I suddenly saw advertisement to Oak Callsigns, handcrafted from red oak. "I must have it !", i shouted at this moment. In a minute I ordered this gift at

Several days after I received nice and solid Oak Callsign from Cliff Rozar, KC0SDV.
Thank you, Cliff !

November 10, 2007

Wonder SW30+ in my shack

Yesterday I finished works on SW30+ CW TRX kit from SW Labs. It was a little bit easier then first works on SW80+, due to my personal experience. When I heard OH1LWZ/M on dummy load during the setting of TX, I quickly connected the antenna, made short QSO (599/579 on first calling) and continued short setting process.

During the evening hours had this TRX a little problem with intermodulations from near 9 MHz broadcast band, but after gently turning left "GAIN" it was good (noise of band and weak stations was still good audible).

Yesterday evening I heard W3RJ (529) and this morning I heard VK2GWK (579) on 41 metres longwire. I called them several times, but without success due to pile-up. I have to buy or make vertical antenna and be patient. So, i am going to explore 10.1 MHz band.

April 30, 2007

Over Atlantic ocean with 1 Watt

In march 2007 I made my best DX on 80 metres band with new SW80+ TRX (1 Watt power OUT) to W3RJ, OP Rich, QTH Pennsylvania, more then 6500 km long distance from portable QTH, near to Klinovec mountain (JO60LJ). Duration of whole early morning's QSO was about 30 minutes, because of waiting for signal conditions. Thanks to Rich's patience can be QSO satisfactory done. My antenna was LW 40 metres, 3 metres above ground only.

Wonder SW80+

I revived to HAM QRP activity in second part of 2006 thanks to Petr, OK1NS and his idea to buy and build QRP TRX kit SW80+ from K1SWL. I gets the kit shortly before Christmas and I started build it immediately. I was very surprise about good quality of PCB. It was so pleasure for me, holds the solder after more then 10 years.

After mechanical and wiring complete and short and easy setting i was ON AIR. Very sensitive and immune RX with suitable selectivity (it is good feature to hear thinly other stations several hundreds Herz around QRG, except operating QRG which is ringing). Stable and clear TX signal with excellent monitoring of keying including BK. There are the main attributes of this small radio wonder.

Small and good RX for DXing

There was in autumn of 2005 when I enhanced my RX for DXing. More sensitive, more selective, right USB and LSB mode, smaller, better. Great. Thank you, SONY.

Listening weak signals in nature

I mostly leaved classical HAM activity and I concentrated to listening HAM beacons, NDB's, far broadcast stations, air traffic bands and other utility on shortwave after 2004.

Progress in my shack

In 90's and 00's it has be recognized technical and operational progress in my shack. I tried many possibilities of HAM radio (HF, VHF, UHF, satellite, packet radio, SSTV, contest, DXing).

I have a licence !

Long time I was waiting for listening number, next for club operator certificate. Many requests I passed, no response. Shortly after "velvet revolution" I gets a licence. Yeahhh. It was in 1990.

First touch to radio

When I was seven, I build my first crystal RX with father's help. With the germanium diode, of course (it was in 70's). I start to permanent touch the radio.

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